I cant find my free tokens- PLS help me!


A few days ve linked my payment card to the account. But i saw the promotion of the 3 months free trial (worth of 18$). Is it correct that if im not going over the 18$ in this 3 months i pay nothing? I dont see the 18$ of free tokens in my account overview. How is this possible and who can provide them to me? ive send a mail 4 days ago but still no reaction

Does anybody knows how it works

No i just made my account

Why does no one reply? Ive send multiple emails to support, bad service

I’m very sorry for your wait.
Does your screen say anything like: Grant1 $18.00

Or like this:

Nope i only see this

I really don’t know! That is very weird.

oh okay… you know a person who knows maybe?

OpenAI support team maybe. They do take a while to respond.

i already wait 2 weeks for respons