Cannot use free trial despite not having used tokens yet

I am on the free trial and have a cumulative usage of $0.00 of tokens? Why does it not allow me to use my free trial?

I signed up in June.

Because there is also a time span for the free trial.


I can’t use my $18 free trial either in the Beta section. The time span is three months. My free trial doesn’t expire until November 1. I had 15 credits in the labs section. When I used those up I couldn’t do anything because the Generate button was disabled. I can either purchase new ones until September 26 when I get 15 more.

My account says I’ve used $0/$18 and shows my progress in the dashboard. I’m really new to this platform. I couldn’t find a place in the beta section where I can generate anything. I have sent emails and chat messages the past two weeks to figure this out but haven’t heard anything. I don’t like my free rial wasting away without being able to use it.

Note: This is the message I see for just joining this forum. The irony is that I have done all three of these the past two weeks but haven’t gotten a response to solve my issue. I just checked the chat message thread that I sent. My last chat message was September 6 and the message says ‘not seen yet’.

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This is horrible customer service when you want folks to pay for your service.