Usage openai api, 5 dollar free gift


I started begin november with this
first day i used some more data/money
by trying image generating with a codepen example

now i use only few cents per day

is this expired at the end of 1 month
or is it expired when wallet empty
or do i get every month a 5 dollar free gift

also are there other payment options as creditcard for example paypall

because of all the trees, i cannot see the forrest
i am lost

The usage interface would previously show exactly the expiration date of your free trial. That information has now been removed, likely because it would also merit showing the anger-triggering expiration of purchased credits.

You have a $5 free trial that begins from when you first opened your OpenAI account, whether that be to use ChatGPT or to directly use API. It expires after three months - and then a bit after that at the end of the month.

Purchased credits are non-refundable and expire after one year.

When my wallet is empty
or when the 3 months expired

do i have to buy a 20 dollar/month abonnement
or can you pay for what you use
i only use max 10 cents a day?

The minimum credit purchase is currently $5 increments.

are there any other payment options
as credit card (i have no credit card)

like PayPall
or other methods?

Nee. Alleen creditcard. U kunt meer vinden op de OpenAI-documentenpagina.

can i use getsby virtual card
for open ai credits?

on their page they mention

  • Payment for OpenAI API is temporarily unavailable.

OpenAI exclusively uses Stripe as a payment method, likely because of former associations to the service by company principals.

You can look at what cards from what nations they accept. However, OpenAI has set high qualifications in the payment platform and card networks.

For know-your-customer policies, and to make sure you aren’t a wanted international terrorist, you’ll need not some “anonymous virtual gift card” style payment, but a payment card drawn on a bank with your identity.

it is just that most people in holland / the netherlands
do not have a credit card
including me
and the regular dutch bankcards i cannot use

a visa card will cost me 40 euro per year
, if visa is accepted

If you simply have no means of paying that OpenAI will accept, you can look at alternate resellers of GPT-4 services and their features and pricing, such as Poe or They’ll have other AI models also.

thanks for your answers

will call my bank
if they have a card that will be acccepted

a lot of questions would not be needed

if next page was a bit more informative

Unfortunately, a lot of answers would be needed.

“I’m in Peru and would like to pay with Banco de Peru Astropay”, x 200…

Maybe OpenAI would come up with such a system for distilling Stripe’s unknowable requirements into a help file.

If you want to, I can lend you my “organization” so you can play around. You can pay me in PayPal later.

Feel free to DM me if you wish.

(I’ve probably opened a can of worms, but yea, let’s help people :slight_smile: )

i think i should thank you for your offer
but i think it is not good to do that
i will not risk to get blocked / banned / flagged
they now my ip
if i suddenly start with a key from brazil

greet luberth

You’re welcome! When you’re using my organization, you’re essentially attaching your email to my organization, which is completely allowed by the ToS. That’s how it works!

But I can understand!