I am unable to login and need to unbind the 2FA authentication

I am unable to log into ChatGPT because I have lost my Google Authenticator key. I tried resetting my password, but it still requires the two-factor authentication code. I attempted to contact customer support at https://help.openai.com/, but I haven’t received a response for three days. What can I do?


I also have this issue and haven’t been able to access my Plus account in over a month…
I’ve sent in emails to support@openai.com and i’ve submitted tickets through their chatbot. I’ve had no communication with OpenAi on how they will resolve this issue.

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I’m in the same exact boat. I was actually able to submit a ticket and they marked it as Resolved but nothing was changed. I am still locked out and being charged for Plus.


I thought I was locked out of my account this week – My 2FA codes didn’t seem to be working. I use Duo for 2FA. The app seemed to be out of sync with the OpenAI authentication system? I’m not sure, what was going on. After being locked out for a few days, I sat down again and kept refreshing the code and entering it and it eventually worked. It took me probably 7 or 8 new codes. I realize this may not help, but thought I’d share in case someone finds it helpful.

If you’re still logged into your ChatGPT Plus account on a different browser, you can try to reset your two-step authentication from there. Here are the general steps you would typically follow to reset two-factor authentication:

  1. Disable Two-Factor Authentication: In your account settings, click on the “Disable two-factor authentication” button. This should turn off the requirement for a two-factor authentication code for future logins.
  2. Re-enable Two-Factor Authentication: Once it’s disabled, there should be an option to enable it again. Click on this to start the process of setting up two-factor authentication again.
  3. Scan the New QR Code: As part of the setup process, you should be provided with a new QR code. Scan this with your OnePassword authenticator app to add your ChatGPT account to the app.
  4. Enter the Generated Code: After scanning the QR code, your authenticator app should generate a new code for your ChatGPT account. Enter this code into the appropriate field on the ChatGPT setup page to complete the process.