I have no options to set up 2FA at all

So I have no options to set up 2FA in my settings or anywhere else as far as I can tell. I realize it is supposed to have the option in my settings but all I have is the shared link option, the option to export my data, and an option to delete the acct altogether. I thought maybe one of the extensions might be messing with it but I disabled anything to do with chatgpt or gpt period and still no option. I have checked everywhere I can possibly think of and nothing so I am at a loss. Does anyone know what is going on here? I am a plus member, if that is information that is needes. Thanks!

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I came here to post the same thing. Between this and every time I use chatgpt it saying its cutoff date was in 2021, I don’t understand why I’m paying for it. I’m cancelling.

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I had 2FA. I disabled it once. Then I wanted to renable it but I couldn’t find the option anywhere.

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Same here, and It got me hacked. Someone from china logged in and deleted all my chats. Looking for alternatives now. Been paying $20 a month since day 1. and there is NO support. What a joke.

According to this webpage 2FA is currently not available to users who did not have it activated before the enrollment for new users stopped.

If you already have it activated, then deactivate it, the option to use 2FA will be gone. I learned that the hard way…

Just disabled 2FA to link another authenticator app, now the option is gone. Would really appreciate getting this bug fixed. Having no 2FA is crucial for me as a paying customer.

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Did exactly the same thing a moment ago, expecting to be able to establish a fresh auth app option :frowning:

This has ALWAYS been the case. The entire point of plug-ins is to provide ChatGPT with updated and relevant info.