2FA was Enabled but not by me

I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions or knows how to possibly help me out.

I cannot login to my buisness account. 2FA has been enabled and it was not I that turned it on. I cannot access my account and I am being charged for Plus. I filed a ticket for this and it was marked as “Resolved” but I am still unable to login due to it asking for my 2FA code. I never received a message or anything. The ticket was just marked as Resolved and no changes were made. When I submitted my ticket for this I was still logged in on my phone and when I went to the settings it showed that the account didn’t have the 2FA enabled, so I was very confused. I have since been timed out on my phone and cannot log back in but I do have screenshots and screen recording showing this before I was logged out.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do. I have tried to submit another ticket asking for help once again but the little Chat Bot isn’t giving me the option to do so anymore.

I would just create another account and move on but I am being charged $20 a month and I cannot cancel it because I cannot login. Its been going on 3 weeks now that I have been awaiting a response but I haven’t received anything.

I am also a little worried about creating a new account because the Chat Bot is still associated with my current OpenAI account and if I login with a new one I wont be able to login back into my current account to check on my Help Requests.

I created this new account in a incognito window just to post here and see if anyone could help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello, I have the same problem. I wrote to the support and no response so far.

I messaged a different help line for the Billing Department. They finally responded after a little more than a week. The have suspended my Plus subscription for now but I still do not have access to the account.

I have a similar problem. Changing phones but there’s nowhere to change 2FA once set… and nowhere to get any help.