Chat GPT 4 Plugin Enable two-factor authentication

Hello Everyone

Can someone please help me with the Chat GPT 4 Plugin to Enable two-factor authentication. I scan the QR and have no idea where to get this 6 digit numeric code. Please assist me.

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What’s the plugin called? I’m confused how a plugin could enable 2fa for your OpenAI account

use apps like “Authenticator” to scan,and you will get your 6 code

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there should be an option to select your preferred two-factor authentication method when registering for the first time as far as I remember ? You can setup it in your settings


You are a STAR. It worked. :smiley:

I have no idea why the other QR Scanners failed but Google Authenticator just worked flawlessly.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You soooooooo MUCH :wink:

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The Plugin was Noteable

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. Am now authenticated and I used Google Authenticator

Install google authenticator from app store or play store then scan the qr code using the google authenticator app after that it will give you a code, put that code in open ai
that’s it

Thank you for the response and am now autheticated

I created two accounts using different email addresses. One account is through google while the other one is through yahoo mail. I only have the option of enabling two-factor authentication on my yahoo account. I verified as well my yahoo account through a different device. I was thinking if that was the reason. Because I had verified my google account on the device where I created my google account, and I had no option for enabling two-factor authentication.

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same! i created my account using ‘sign up with google’ and there’s no option for me to add an authenticator… which is annoying because some of the plugins i’m trying to use won’t let me activate them without adding an authenticator… smh.

I found the best work around so far from reddit that worked like a charm. Below is the thread:

"Figured it out if u still need help, not sure if this works without an iPhone.

I couldn’t find the authentication code either, but when I signed into the app on safari with my phone, the authentication pops up as suggested. So to sign into the desktop app, you have to cancel the page from signing in on the phone in order to see the verification code, then you can enter it into the desktop and it works. Then disable 2 factor on the desktop.

Sorry if its confusing"