Can't access Microsoft for Startup credit

Hi! We’re struggling to get the OpenAI $2.5k credit benefit from Microsoft for Startups.

As our company got accepted in the program, we’ve provided the details on the OpenAI form, and even got a welcome email from Marketing @ OpenAI, commenting that we should see the credits reflected in our account in 5-7 business days.

That was over a month ago and we still aren’t able to use the credit, which unfortunately doesn’t last long; and the way things go, it might as well expire before we get any chance to use it :frowning:

Email support doesn’t seem to work so far, would anybody be able to assist us with this? Our organization ID is org-32TGPAeypYA0R3BnioTENxHt




Hey aksarapak! We are facing the same issue. We haven’t received the credits too. It’s been about 15 days now. I’m not sure how to contact support, email support hasn’t worked for me either.

Hi Aaditya! Yes, we tried reaching the Marketing @ OpenAI email address (zarina),, everything to no avail.

Please post an update if you manage to get the credit into your account.



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Hi all,
Same issue here. I’ve been waiting for 3 weeks now. Please update if you see anything change.

Same issue here, we signed up via the form about a month ago. We haven’t received any feedback regarding the $2500 credits we’re supposed to receive. I tried contacting them via chat & email, yet no response from OpenAI.

Same! April 5th was when I got the email lol.

Same here, we received no credit and no answers to any emails so far. We received the email on April 14th.

Just got an update from OpenAI with the credit :smiley:


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Have you taken any actions after receiving the email?

@aksarapak - How did you applied this credit granted? While Upgrading I don’t see an option to use this amount.

Same thing here, still no email after submitting the application 2 days ago…

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

You may be better served by contacting Microsoft for Startups regarding this, The Developer forum has no ability to grant access to Microsoft product or indeed OpenAI products or account services of any kind.

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Thanks for your answer!
I will contact Microsoft then

Hello everyone.
My congratulations on getting the funds.
I can’t find information about using a period of 2,5k$ Credits Granted money.
In what period you should use it?