Plus member but I do not have access to web or plugins?

Just curious as to when I will get access to plugins as a plus member I do not have access to web extension or the plugins and I have been a paid subscriber for 3 months and on the wait list for quite a while.

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This is a developer forum, not a user forum. Please search for related issues before asking questions.

Be patient, all plus users will be covered within a week at most.

I am a dev but thanks for the response. Typically its better to not respond to things if you don’t have useful information, especially within a developer forum. Not trying to be rude just been waiting for access for quite a while so wanted to know what was up.

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Just curious what do you mean for useful information.
They at openai said already turned on for 20% of users now, and rolling it out to 100% over this week gradually. isn’t this info for you?

I also suspect that my account starting with ‘z’ might be the cause.

what gets me is i’m seeing people open new accounts and having access to it right away. That is what is making me ask the questions?

I feel frustrated about OpenAI’s opening mechanism.

I get its a rollout but I do expect more than
a generic tweet saying this week. there should be a way to check your status or something.

Please translate the following content: Be patient, my friend. At the latest, you will be able to use it this weekend.

From May 18, to access the settings, click on your account (your name) in the left panel and choose “Settings.” Once in the Settings menu, navigate to “Beta features” and activate Web-browsing and Plugins. After that, in a New Chat, select GPT-4 and choose either Web or Plugins from the dropdown menu, then confirm your selection. You will see a plugin dropdown, where you can choose and install the desired plugins.