Hyperlinks in Custom GPT not linking?

I’m having the issue for a Custom GPT I’m building on a team account as well. How come this has not been permanently fixed by now ?

Not working in the browser as of 6/3/24, but links work in the app. Also, this issue isn’t unique to within GPTs only.

Links that aren’t clickable look like this, missing href="${url}"

    <a target="_new" rel="noreferrer">http://www.google.com</a>

It looks like a problem feature in the client. For some links a request to
is made and the response is { "safe": false }

I’m guessing that the web client is stripping the href out of the links based on that response.

There is a different issue still causing this behavior. Please see my comment at the end of this thread. Thanks

This has been happening with all my customs since day 1. I have bypassed open ai providing a link through an automation service. I dont think OpenAI has any intention of fixing this. They have gpts they want to work and others they dont. Prove me wrong this will be fun.