URLs served by action/GPT not clickable in desktop but are clickable in iOS app

There is a bug affecting urls sent from custom actions in GPTs.

Currently, we send a quota reached message that serves a link to upgrade their account for unlimited usage.

This link is clickable in the iOS app. It is not clickable in desktop.

In desktop the only clue I have is a console error throwing “Error with Permissions-Policy header: Unrecognized feature: ‘document-domain’.”

Has anyone else encountered this? It’s perplexing why it is clickable in app but not in desktop.

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I have the same problem, links are not clickable.

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I am encountering this too.
I see some reference to strict-origin-when-cross-origin
But you say linking works on Apple?

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yeah It works in the iOS app. have not tested android.

Actually, I was only encountering this in the “GPT preview” aspect. When interacting with it via the normal ChatGPT frontend, as a user would, the link was clickable (on desktop)

We’re still experiencing this issue.

Here’s it not working on desktop and here’s it working on mobile. (I made them YT vids so you don’t have to worry ab downloading them)

Apps traditionally lag behind web apps.
They are messing around with validating links.

Side note: shout out to PWAs. Swift → :coffin: (I wish)

Hey folks, thanks for flagging this. We have resolved a few issues around generation URL’s. There are a few known edge cases that don’t work well:

  1. Having the model construct full URL’s on the fly (you should instead pass the full URL back in an Action response)
  2. Having the model fill in URL details (same as above, you should pass in the full URL and all UTM parameters)

@logankilpatrick I’m not sure how this is an edge case. Pretty much any request with a reuqest to provide a link will be a full URL, won’t it? In what use cases does it provide a workable URL?

URL’s displayed by custom GPT are still not clickable.
My GPT displays URLs that are obtained from an Excel data file.
URLs are well formed, but when displayed they are not clickable.
Example: https://chat.openai.com/share/e/3c72aa4e-96ff-4e26-b0f8-413bf26bed6d