How to See Total API Spend?

So I’m on rate limit Tier 3, which apparently requires $100 of API spend. I’m honestly not sure how that is, because I definitely haven’t spent nearly that much on API, so it must be counting ChatGPT plus I guess.

Anyway, I wanted to get to Tier 4 so I bought $150 of credits yesterday after seeing this post: Can I increase Usage Tier by prepaying for credits?

That person posted an update within a few hours saying that they bought the credits and it worked. But I’m still on Tier 3 a day later.

Question: Is there a way to see the total API spend the system thinks I have on the back end? Because it obviously thought I had over $100, then I bought $150 in credits which should put it over $250 for tier 4. I’ll buy an extra $100 if necessary but figured I’d first ask if I just need to wait longer.

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