How to reach Tier2 on pay as you go old type account?

I’m on Tier1 on my pay as you go account. How can I reach Tier2?
I’ve see on the screenshot that I should spend at least $50 on API since account creation.
Does it mean at least $50 a month or at does it actually mean SINCE account creation?
Since account creation I have spend more than $50 a month. But my monthly usage is lower than $50 a month. Could somebody explain?

All accounts are “pay-as-you-go”. OpenAI seems to have used that phrase to indicate that you are billed for actual usage.

If your account overview doesn’t say “You’ll be billed at the end of each calendar month…” then you are a prepaid account. You’ll have to pay the amount required and wait the time dictated.

If you’ve paid a total of $20 before that has been billed to a card, and OpenAI tracks it properly, that should mean $30+ more gets you in qualifying range.

There’s now a button to add credit even to an arrears billing account.

My account is an old one when I pay later when I’ve receiving invoice. Since my account creation I have spend more than $50 in total on the API. I’m paying less then $50 a month but in total I’ve spend more then $50 on the API. But I’m still on Tier1. That’s why I’m confused how can I reach Tier2

I also would be confused. If you don’t want to feed the beast more money, and don’t want to wait to see if the tier system rolling out gets automatically corrected (with several changes happening to my own account in the last days), you can send a message through the assistant and see if staff has a way of interacting with this new system.

I think the whole plan is to remove the need for human interactions with prior rate limit request forms and spending limit request forms (besides getting money up front).