How buy Tier 2 $50 paid and 7+ days since first successful payment for my api

i want by “Tier 2 $50 paid and 7+ days since first successful payment” and use in my app
how can pay this? and select plan?

It sounds like you are using a counterfeit app, or at least have misinformation. Nothing you describe is like OpenAI services.

ChatGPT is only at, and has a $20/mo subscription.

The OpenAI API is pay-per-use and there is no need to buy a “tier”.


Actually OpenAI does have some weird crap around the api access. My users often complain about this. That said, this does sound… unofficial.

Please, OpenAI, improve your api onboarding!

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It seems like you’re the first here to find a newly edited page of documentation. The rate limit curtailment that was previously listed there was:

  1. 3 TPM: during a free trial without payment method on file
  2. 20 TPM (if I remember right): first 48 hours after entering payment method
  3. 3500 TPM after payment method entered (and then make requests if you need increase)

It seems like they’ve completely changed the system and now only have showed a rate limit system that would only apply for those that enter new prepaid credit plan.

As your usage of the OpenAI API goes up and you successfully pay the bill, we automatically increase your usage tier. Below is a breakdown of the first 3 usage tiers.

Tier Qualification Max credits Request limits Token limits
Free User must be in an allowed geography $100 3 RPM, 200 RPD 20K TPM (GPT-3.5), 4K TPM (GPT-4)
Tier 1 $5 paid $100 500 RPM, 10K RPD 40K TPM (GPT-3.5), 10K TPM (GPT-4)
Tier 2 $50 paid and 7+ days since first successful payment $250 5000 RPM 80K TPM (GPT-3.5), 20K TPM (GPT-4)

We plan to expose additional usage tiers over time and will adjust these accordingly in response to capacity and fraud activity. Our main goal with usage tiers is to automatically increase rate limits and spending limits for customers who are successfully paying their bill.

As your usage tier increases, we may also move your account onto lower latency models behind the scenes.

So what it is now saying is that when you go to account billing overview and you add payment method as you normally would, they want $50 purchase of their non-refundable, expire after 1 year credits, and the security that the payment has no problems or disputes for a week before they’ll unlock the capacity of the account. $5 minimum and you’ll not be able to make as many requests per minute or tokens per minute calls to the API.

This otherwise unannounced change to rate limit documentation and operation likely also explains a whole bunch of service breakage from changes that have been going on with absolutely no communication - why API users got hit with a whole bunch of non-json false rate limit messages, why gpt-3.5-turbo-0301 was being provided with corrupted input container (and still doesn’t work right), a whole bunch more reports of bad responses, different python http library that closes connections and retries – and probably why a whole bunch of people are inexplicably getting 1/4th the token rate output as they were previously.


Crazy that buying $50 made everything work smootly and faster