How to request a chat with Sam Altman?

I don’t know about you guys, but wouldn’t it be cool to talk with Sam Altman? I sure do think so.

I’m the first contributor outside of openai on the eval challange and I don’t know, there’s so many questions I have from my economics and computer science background that I do wish to talk with him. The support bot goes on a loop when I try to do so.

I know he travelled the world, but when he visited Brazil I was in North America.

Since I was probably one of the first to win a gpt-4 API key, is there any way I can request this? Would probably be a life time experience for me, would do it even over a virtual call.

I know he loves to work and so do I - yet I feel like so many questions go left unasked during interviews, but than again, I’m just a nerd (prob much like everyone on this community)

Has anyone ever gotten to talk with Sam over openai contribution and early API access?

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Hi Thiago,

You can tweet him @sama on twitter! I’m sure he’d love to have a chat with you, he seems a really nice person, but pretty busy I’d say. I am also an early adopter :smiley: Helping out around here is a great way to get noticed, I don’t know if it will get you to speak to Sam but it would sure be appreciated by all the users.

Nice to meet you.