Sam Altman Community Forums AMA

I’ve been trying to get something together on Twitter but thought maybe I could post something on here.

How much interest would there be in getting the CEO of OpenAI on the community forums here for an AMA (ask me anything) discussion?

I’ve seen OpenAI drop by different podcasts and other online forums but think doing some kind of a discussion thread on here would be a great idea to connect with the community.

I’m assuming others have questions on GPT-3 app development best practices, the future of GPT-3, scaling laws, safety questions, what it’s like working at OpenAI, as well as other discussions about the community at large.

If you’re interested like and leave a comment below and maybe the team will see it and make it happen! This could be a great way to close out the 2021 year!


Fantastic idea. While Sam Altman is well known in the tech community, the OpenAI community is much broader than just standard tech types, there are a lot of us who have no baseline on him.


I’d love that! But could also be interesting to have it on reddit


Maybe maybe not, he has the authority as CEO to override what his PR advisors might say, if he thinks it could be beneficial to the community.

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It would be great. But the other question is whether this community can broaden to all Open AI products including CLIP, Diffusion,

and Glide. And not just GPT-3


No offense, but I’d rather he spent the time getting GPT-4 ready for release! :wink:


An hour out of his day is not going to slow down GPT-4.


@paul.fishwick point about discussing all OpenAI products here is very easily solved. Can @joey or @Adam-OpenAI create a new category in the topic dropdowns? I for one would be interested in discussing GLIDE here.

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