Plugin taken off store w/o changes to config files

Hey my plugin ChatWithPDF has been taken off the store w/o any changes to configuration files. I will re-submit with some changes soon but curious why it was suddenly taken off?

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Just to confirm, for the store page ( checking each category (Popular, New, All and Installed) visited each page looking for the name (eyes) ChatWithPDF and did not see it listed. :slightly_frowning_face:

Did you got any emails regrading this. I too want my plugin to reverify.

Unfortunately not, I have not received any sort of notification on what is going on. I was bringing in 75k+ users each day, totaling 500k this past week which has dropped(not sure how much but it is significant).

One day I woke up and my friend notified me he couldn’t find my app in the store. Upon checking in incognito and my browser I couldn’t find it.

As of today I’ve resubmitted it again with some slight changes.

Then I guess you have to wait for logan to respond. Wait for their reply. Hope this bug will be fixed soon.

Seems like its back up. If Logan sees this, big props to you. 10 minute turn around time is nuts.

Logged out of ChatGPT then logged back in;


it is there now.


Note earlier changed to a model without plugins then to the model with plugins and still did not show the plugin, only after logging out and logging back was it the list.

Much appreciate the help, I had to check again but luckily it was there.

Now disappointed we aren’t listed as “Popular”. Seems like they’ve updated it with LinkReader and Webpilot :sweat_smile:

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It that was a reply for me then thanks, you are welcome.

Just helping because I may be in the same boat in the future and would rather know the problems and fixes before learning of just the problems the hard way. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do we know exactly what triggers a re-review?

So far we know that changing the manifest changes the review status.
What about the OpenAPI spec? Do updates to endpoints mean a re-review trigger?

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Do we know exactly what triggers a re-review?

You should consider making that new topic.

any idea what the red shield is for?

Would love to know the changes to this as well. If changes to the openapi.yaml spec require a re-review thats insane, because for some apps it may not be constant.

Yeah it means it was taken off the store again lol. I did change the name_for_human description and sent a review again swiftly but unlike last time it didn’t take 10 minutes to review

Still taken off the store

Your spec file does contain some errors. The required field is not boolean type as you specified but should be an array.

That’s unrelated. It’s only if the ai-plugin.json changes.


Now that the plugin ChatwithPDF has been removed from the official list until it is re-inspected, is there a way to install and run using Develop your own plugin?

Since it has been over 24 hours since ChatWithPDF has been taken off the store for a simple name_for_human modification, the best way to install is still installing “” as an unverified plugin

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Plugins are automatically removed when you change the manifest file, this is intentional and by design. Please resubmit the plugin for review to get it back into the store.


Thanks logan! I have submitted it again for review right after I updated the manifest yesterday. Know it might take a while to process

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