How to: Multiple members on one OpenAI billing account?

Hi! I hoped to get this answered by support, but unfortunately no reaction (but that’s another topic) - so sorry if that might be off-topic (?)

The challenge: Run 5 accounts on one billing for using e.g. Open AI playground without individual phone numbers. This seems not to be possible: The system asks for an individual phone number for each account.

Why this? I’m teaching AI-aided scriptwriting and want my students to try it out - so I need accounts for them that I would pay for. And for privacy etc. reasons, they cannot give their private numbers.

I guess my challenge also could be one for other teams etc…

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m not sure. Openai makes you have separate phone numbers to prevent multiple accounts (So that just removes the point of tokens)
I have found you can use a google account, so if they have a school google account then there you go.
It also might be possible to just use the same account. I sort of understand the challenge / question. So if you can summarize it a bit more (if this doesn’t work out) feel free to.

Thank you! :smiley_cat:

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Thank you! Good idea to use just one account for several users. I wonder if this is possible on different computers at different places / IPs simultaneously, will try that. Then, I could just setup a team account. BTW, I personally use it with my google account, that works well (of course, you also will need a phone number for that, too). Well, maybe OPENAI will answer my support question, I’ll keep you also updated with that. And once more: THANK YOU :slight_smile:

Hey! I can write you a program for that. Each student will be assigned a certain amount of tokens. So on. I could also use open ai’s API for that stuff. I would be VERY happy to help, especially for school / class-related things. Reach me out at “

It would all be tided to the same account. Through different IP’s and such. It would be great. Once again just let me know.

Thank you so much once more! I’ll have to check with the university if it’s ok for them. They’re a bit sensitive due to data security, privacy etc. and they have to approve that. I’ll keep you updated. But I think, that’s a great idea!!! Good night/morning :slight_smile:

… ah and one more thing: I was able to log into the playground from two different computers with two different browsers at the same time. although the AI said itself, that this is not possible (I asked it/her/him) :wink:

Haha! I totally understand if the university wouldn’t let it at all. Good thing it works! :smile_cat: