If I need more tokens per minute limit, is it safe to just create a new account?

Are there any openAi policies that can lead to your account ban if you do that. Mainly from the i.p address?

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Hi, the OpenAI usage policy is here, any violations of any of them can lead to an account suspension or ban.

I would like to know this as well. The policy posted above does not mention anything about it. So I would assume that I can rightfully create 5 more accounts, 5 api keys, and write a simple load balancer to spread the load.

However, I would prefer a clear answer before going this route.

(would be very nice if someone from openAI could shine some light on this)

Lets take your proposition to it’s conclusion, if you created a billion accounts and used all of the available compute for yourself, would that be ok? I think we can both agree that it would not, and that would not be allowed, so then it comes back to the question of, at what point does it become account abuse? It seems that is set at 2 or 3 (I think it’s 3) but I’ve never tried) but you can have 2 for sure, that is on the same phone and payment details, if you were to have many phone numbers and many credit cards all from different locations, I don’t see a mechanism to stop that, unless there was some common IP address used.

At this stage it’s about balancing usage for everyone so that there is a usable system for all, applying for a rate and usage increase allows OpenAI to manage the load on the system, so that is the preferred method.

Thanks! Two would be very helpful, as I want to run two separate services both using the gpt-4 api. They both run on the same server (so same IP)