How to get access to GPT actions?

I am definitely not friends and family, and I wasn’t at the conference, but I got access hours after the release. I have various plugins in the store, and maybe that makes a difference.

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You may have unintentionally inserted the word ‘only’ in there. But I agree there are lots of people running wild on there right now.

Thanks for the tip. Maybe i’ll try to submit one for approval to speed it up.
I’ve had features added to my console after pressing the thumbs up for the first time in months too as something that might help someone, maybe. Doing what they actually want you to do there (paying customer or not)

While we waiting to have access to OpenAI GPTs, I am happy to share what I have been working on where you can create your own GPT and share without writing code.

Do I think OpenAI disrupted my idea? Not really. I am happy my idea was validated - there are more things to create. It is an experimental project to showcase my capability. I hope someone will give it a try and provide me some feedback.

I just created a GPT to represent me in an interview. It is fun that one can create this in few few clicks.

I am unable to share the links.

Thank you.


Thanks; very generous with time moving so fast these days to offer some of yours but there are some examples around the internet, thankfully.

Though i’m curious to see it anyway if you want to display some screenshots or inputs for your bot or plugin. or especially the interfaces or info you used to make it.

I kinda get the general idea though from some of their “competitors” in the chatbot space.

Has anyone here been able to gain access to GPTs?

yep, it hit yesterday for me. I hope you get access soon friends.

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Thanks, I saw Altman said he did intend to get it to all the ‘subscribers’ on monday even but the servers are getting smacked I guess. I believe him. That’s more in line with what i would have expected too so i know i feel better. congrats on the access


Yeah, I’d imagine it’s a scaling issue. Probably why the one presenter “had to leave to hunt for GPUs” as more people get access to GPTs, more users become active using more resources. Probably related to the micro-outages that have been hitting since monday.

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I just signed out and back in on plus and it was on there now after one screen of error message. a moment ago.
Good luck.


is there a way to change region? i don’t mean VPN, but to change the region i setted when i subscribed to chatgpt

Same here. From Singapore and Jakarta. Can someone from OpenAI confirm what’s going on here?

Waiting inpatient. can you tell us how we can speed up the process?

Same here. “You do not currently have access to this feature.”. I am a plus member from Brazil.

Guys, add your gpts to, It’s a nice GPTs directory !

Same here, I am located in NC, US.

Same here in Japan. “You do not currently have access to this feature”

Hmmm, same comment here still. Eager to try this :slight_smile:

This should now be resolved! The ability to make GPTs was rolling out over time.