How to Gain Early Access to OpenAI's Latest Features?

It’s common practice for new releases to be initially tested by a “select group” before being gradually introduced to the wider user base.

This begs the question: what steps can I take to climb up the priority list and secure early updates?

Let’s consider potential factors that might influence your place in line:

  • The amount you’ve spent on the API usage to date (tier level)
  • Utilization of OpenAI APIs within the Azure ecosystem
  • Development and approval of a plugin in the ChatGPT plugin marketplace
  • The number of evals you’ve had approved
  • Your membership status on
  • Association with a ChatGPT Enterprise account
  • Your average daily usage of ChatGPT

From my experience, I noticed a shift after my first evaluation was approved; I seemed to move up from the back of the queue and started receiving updates somewhat earlier. However, this change coincided with my commencement of API usage, leaving me uncertain which action was more influential.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts and personal experiences on the matter. What do you think helps in getting earlier access to updates?



While I haven’t experienced this firsthand, I’ve heard stories about the surprise people felt when they found out that the DALL-E 3 feature was added to someone’s freshly created Plus accounts back when it was still early access only.
Maybe, in addition to the waitlist priorities, there’s some sort of lottery for random beta access, I think.

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Yeah. Luck might play a role, but it’s hard to believe that’s the sole factor.

Maybe whether you have paid for API usage fees is one of the factors.
I’ve never had early access features unlocked before, but after paying $5 for the API, I got access to the All Tools.
(No guarantees it wasn’t just a coincidence:/

I think being a TL3 “Regular” on this forum helps a ton for access. I was one of the few that got GPT-4-32k, and got instant access to GPT-4, and invitations to Plugins when they came out.

Paying money also is a solid path. I actually pay money (Tier 5) and am a Regular.

This is probably the most solid path … outside of being an “insider” or OAI employee.


Thank you for sharing your experience. The more people bringing data, the more likely we are to reach a conclusion.

Question: Have you submitted any eval or done anything else that could potentially contribute to privileged access?

I haven’t submitted any evals personally. Hope this helps.