I have a "plus" subscription, but how can I gain faster access to the GPT-4 model for API chat completion? I urgently need it for testing purposes

I registered more than 2 months ago for the waitlist and have yet to receive a response. I need this to compare with our current models built in Python and R, as well as with GPT-3.5, which is still quite inconsistent in its responses. If anyone here could assist me, I would greatly appreciate it!

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It sadly seems hit and miss - I work for a few companies, all of whom applied on the same day but 1/2 have it and the other half are still waiting several months on.

The only “Official” advice is to contribute model evaluations to OpenAI Evals

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Iraus… It’s almost certain that most of those who gained access earlier have not even downloaded the EVAL project.

The API and ChatGPT Plus are separate. I don’t believe that being a subscriber affects GPT4 API access.

I can’t speak to that - only my own account which was waiting and then I started to contribute and ended up getting access within the week. Perhaps just a coincidence

Just something one of the mods / open AI staff mentioned on a different thread. Not sure if there’s any value to it but if i find it, i will post it here.

Sadly the forum at the moment has 100’s of near identical threads.

Indeed, I can understand that people are frustrated, but OpenAI is trying their best to get access to everyone as fast as possible.

This is the developer community forum, the OpenAI staff that come here do so improve OpenAI products by advocating for developers, they’re not costumer support.