How many people is on the GPT4 waitlist?

Hi community,
This is Toby!
I already applied for GPT4 API access, and weeks passed it’s still not approved…
I wonder how many people are on this list. Because I saw some lucky dude on reddit said his application got approved just by 1 day. :disappointed_relieved:
I haven’t event tried it yet, so it would be epic if I were let to use the API.



You will eventually get it don’t worry :+1:


Yeah don’t worry champ, we will all get there eventually.

I signed up on day 1 as well and haven’t received access yet.

It’s not a waitlist, it’s a lottery

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Hopefully haha! Thanks! I just don’t wanna lose this game of AI dev.

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Hey! Thanks for your kind words.
I guess you’re right, there’s no first or last I think. They just randomly give ppl permission.

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You’re welcome!

I don’t actually know how the waitlist works, I’m just assuming that it’s a lottery because it makes me feel better :laughing:


Some individuals have gained access after waiting for a day or so. I assume they are looking at your Pay-As-You-Go usage and Chat GPT Plus subscription.

Still waiting for an access as you, though

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Yeah, I don’t think there’s any priority given, I’m a plus subscriber and have consistent pay as you go usage.

Still waiting


So I gotta spend a lot on the API then? :frowning_face:

I was curious if this is being limited to the USA or if other countries are also getting access to the GPT4 API?

I know the waiting list must be really long but would be great to know if we are weeks / months away as to not start building a workaround to the wild imagination and then get on to GPT4.

Fingers crossed!

I’m from Japan, and I got banned from ChatGPT frontend for unknown reason, I am only allowed to use GPT 3.5 API. I am not sure if that(my location) is a reason.

I can’t tell you why you got banned, but Japan is on the list on the list of supported countries:

It says:

Access denied
You do not have access to
The site owner may have set restrictions that prevent you from accessing the site.

Seemed like a CloudFlare firewall rule.

yeah i was on holiday in turkey recently and was unable to use chatgpt on occasion with the same error. worked fine once i got home though, so could be your VPN or ISP being blocked by CloudFlare

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For those who are waiting, I think it will be a valuable information for you: got an access to 8k model today.

So, just wait, and someday you will be invited to test GPT-4

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I hope they can unblock it someway because my place should be able to use it. xD