How to contact sale team of OpenAI ? I cannot submit form

Can anyone contact openai sale team ?
I try to submit the form for many time but it said there is problem in submitting your form without telling me why ?

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You can email them on


I am trying to contact the sales department, interested in ChatGPT-Enterprise, without success. Has anyone been able to make contact in this regard? What is the timeline and process for this?

Did you get in contact with their sales department? I have been trying since May and still have not heard anything.
We really need to get the Enterprise account running since OpenAI seems to block our credit card when it is configured for several users.

I am trying to contact Sales too for many months but not heard back from them.

I’m sorry that you’ve not heard back from them. I do know they are swamped with enquiries and they will get to you in time, feel free to contact them again and they will get back to you eventually.