Reselling (as channel) products

We are a reseller / wholesales company in commercial software (-related) products from The Netherlands. We mainly do business in The Netherlands, but EU as well. We have large commercial & governmental end-users.

One of our Governmental customers would like to subscribe to your products through us as their reseller. Does have a channel in place? Who can I contact about these questions?

Tried contact-form, tried sales@ tried inmail via linkedin, no response. Hope someone can help with this.

Hey champ, and welcome to the developer community forum :laughing:

You’re not allowed to resell access to openAI’s products, as per the TOS:

You may not… (vii) buy, sell, or transfer API keys without our prior consent;

You can try to contact, but my best advice would be to ask said government entity to pay your company for the development and ask them to supply their own API key.

This also has the added benefit of transferring both cost and responsibility of abuse/misuse away from your business.

Hi! Just from the top of my head: You can have your customer hire you for in-house services and take the API keys to the customer. Or you can route their requests through your servers. Or you can create a joint enterprise that owns the keys and shares the results with your customer.

I’d say it depends on what you want to achieve for your customer, what their goals are and how you want to share responsibilities.

Hope this helps.

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I tried, no response so far. Thanks

It’s much simpler than that, they are too big for Credit card purchases, they asked us as a fulfilment and billing party. So not API’s running for them or development.

Well, you can pay for the customer as the actual buyers and then invoice the customer plus expenses. For example adding the customer’s users as members to your organization. Or create a account in their name and add your credit card number together with a hard spending limit and have the customer pay in advance on the credit card account etc… pp …
This does look very doable without breaking any ToS. We can also cooperate on setting this up.
Hope this helps!

Edit: forgot to add that this is not legal advice. Everybody has to do their own due diligence.

Hi @sales9
Did you receive a reply from the Sales Team in the meantime? I am in a similar position, just a different country and being left without any reply for many months now.
Thanks in advance for your feedback.