Can't access GPT-4 while using API Key

Hello all ,
I just subscribed to GPT Plus , then I generated an API Key but it doesn’t support GPT-4.
Any solutions guys ?

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If your account does not have any special limits or usage upgrades applied to it, you can simply remove your current payment method, that will turn your account into a prepayment account which you can then load $5 into, after that you will get access to GPT-4.

You can also do this by creating a new account with different email and the same phone number and card details, assuming you have not already done this.

The 3rd option is to make sure you have your address details on your OpenAI account that match your card details exactly and then generate an API bill of at least $1 and then you should find GPT-4 access is added to your account on the next billing cycle.

Thanks for responding @Foxalabs !
As I said, I already have access to GPT-4 using official chat.openai[.]com
but when I generate an API Key it shows that GPT-4 isn’t supported

ChatGPT and the purchase of plus is completely separate from the billing system and entitlements of API.

If you want gpt-4 access for API, you have to buy credits beyond your trial amount.

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Indeed, the ChatGPT system in not linked to the API, one is for end users (ChatGPT) and the other is for developers to build products with (API) they have different permissions and payment methods along with different access levels.

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omg! I messed up , I will try to add some credits now and try again .
Thanks for helpful comment @_j <3

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I found out that it didn’t work even after adding credits. I had to generate and use a new API key.

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I have the same issue. What steps did you take to fix the issue? I have generated new API key and it didn’t fix the problem.

What exactly is the issue? Of those steps documented by various posters, what steps did you take to fix the issue, and what were the results?

This forum is full of “how to get gpt-4”, “gpt-4 waitlist” posts, where you can search for recent advice.

what happens to the material which one has created? I assume one has to make sure they have removed all of this material, am I correct about this? Also, does the share option work with Chat GPT-3.5

Not sure what you mean, you own anything created by the AI, you do as you please with it.

This forum topic is talking about the API - Application Programming Interface.

Which has a different billing system and requirements for model usage than ChatGPT the fun family chatbot made better with $20/month.

Chat sharing and custom instructions are available in ChatGPT even without subscription to ChatGPT Plus.