Plus users,do you all get the dev access. As a plus subscriber,I still don't get the access,and I join the waitlist several times

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No. It is separate. You’ll just need to wait.

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Developer access to what feature? There are several, access to Plugin development was granted to all Plus subscribers who were on the Plugin dev waitlist, yesterday.

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Yeah,I mean access to Plugin development.I haven’t received it yet.I know if I am a plugin developer, I can find the choice of installing an unverified plugin or developing your own plugin in plugin store.But in fact they don’t appear.

Have you signed up for the Plugin waitlist? ChatGPT Plugins waitlist

Sure,apply for more than three times.Last day I signed up again.

Same for me. I’m a plus subscriber, but no plugin developer access yet. I have also signed up several times on the waiting list

They are two completely separate products. Plus users do not get plugin developer access by default.

Same for me. I joined the waitlist multiple times (first time on 6th May) with the same email address I’m using for my plus account. Still have no access to develop ChatGPT plugins.


This tweet on June 16, 2023


ChatGPT plugin developer access should have been granted for all Plus subscribers on the dev waitlist.

Just passing the facts along as I know them.

Regarding the tweet by @logankilpatrick, everyone who was on the list should now have access (see his Twitter account)

Yeah,because of that I feel really upset

You should all be set! Closing this topic for now, thanks for the patience.

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