How long does a quota increase take?

We’ve had our quota for GPT3 increased several times without any issues. We’re now above USD 10K in usage per month and there hasn’t been any reply to my quota increase request (I submitted the form 3 or 4 days ago, I also sent an email asking for the status). Is 10K a special limit? What’s your experience with quota increases, how long does it take?

Since you’ve already filled out the quota increase request form, all you can do is wait.

OpenAI’s team receives lots of different requests that they need to review and their turnaround time varies. If you give them a bit more time, I’m sure they’ll get back to you.

Our limit has been increased now, so it took 4-5 days.

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Same here, first time trying to increase the quota limit and after requesting I was told that the quota limit will be reviewed within one business day, however, entered the second business day still no reply. Is there any way to make this process faster cause my end users complain

it seems they’ve updated the request form to:

going on day 3 pending our quota increase request

@lr, how long did it take to get an increase? Thnx

Two days for me. Submitted one this week, got it in two days.

Hi Joseph, would you happen to know what is the ballpark for “a bit more time”?

We’ve been waiting for a month, and the way things go it’d seem our startup credits will expire and we will hardly get to use them.

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