How many days does it take to process a QUOTA INCREASE request these days?

I submitted a QUOTA INCREASE FORM a few days ago because my quota was maxed out, and I haven’t heard back from them since. If anyone has any experience with how long it takes to process, I’d appreciate it, or who can I contact if I don’t hear back from them after a few days here?

Thank you.


We ve been waiting for over a week now, So yeah, might take some time…

Reports are that it is currently on the order of weeks or months.

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wow, from “Requests usually take 1-2 business days” to “months” is quite a substantial gap.

Our company has been waiting for nearly a month already; which really is a shame, because we have $2.5k credits that are valid for 6 months only, and that we will hardly get to use.

And good luck trying to get any official support on this one: