Plugins not available on Team plan

I upgraded to Teams yesterday and “Beta features” is not an option. I can no longer add/manage Plugins.

During migration they prompt/warn to copy GPTs/custom instructions, but there was no mention of Plugins.

I anticipated this day was coming. I guess it’s now. RIP plugins.

Yes, plugins are being deprecated.


I understand OpenAI is encouraging developers toward Actions in GPTs but I hadn’t seen an official announcement they were being deprecated.

Let’s just say OpenAI has been having some…trouble making easy-to-find official announcements for things.

According to other plugin developers, they received an email directly telling them to migrate their plugins into a custom GPT. This info is also found scattered around other docs and blurbs when they discuss GPTs.

You can see more below:


Thanks. I did a deep dive into GPTs vs Plugins last week. Most of the top developers have already created (switched?) to GPTs. The only “official” announcement I could find was this: ChatGPT Plugins waitlist


Updated. I was WRONG! Plugins are definitely available in Team plan. Sorry for the false alarm.

In the Plus plan, you enabled Plugins via “Beta features” in Settings. In Team they have streamlined the approach by omitting this step.