How do I report a critical safety & liability issue to a human at open AI?

The support page says to contact the support team but provides no method to do so. An email to generates a form response directing you to the support page. I’m trying to report an issue that will make any enterprise user discontinue use of all open AI products immediately and could result in a massive class action claim against open AI if it’s not unique to my account / experience.

From the help page

in the lower right click on image

to see

If you have more questions, do ask.

Thanks, you’ve managed to locate the support page but failed to either read or comprehend what I posted.

The issue is that if you click “How can I contact support?” you’ll be prompted to contact the support team using the support page which contains no method of contacting the support team, just the usual endless loop of pointless interactions with a chatbot that has infuriated lots of your users without ever helping anyone with anything, nothing ironic about that…