Domain says verified success message but still not working?

I just messed up my builder profile, I had it working perfectly before but now I had to set all my GPT’s to “only me” to be able to try to fix my builder profile. Ive added the TXT into my dns settings and when I click “check” it gives me the message “Your domain, “” has been successfully verified”, but when I go back to the builder profile, to switch it on, its greyed out. When I go back into verify new domain, its still under “unverified”. im so confused. any help? its just an endless loop. I did set up a “teams” plan, so is this a bug with adding a teams plan?

Create a new GPT, one that has no references to brands or specific names, one with just a generic purpose.

See if that can be published to everyone.

There are two things that may prevent a GPT from going public, from observation:

  • On-demand AI scanning has found it not to meet the branding and usage guidelines set forth;
  • the GPT has previously been flagged by user, AI, or staff, and may either need review, or may have been permanently set to personal only.

Yes, I can publish GPT under my name. The issue is I want my website to be linked to the GPT’s not my name. I had it working before but now its broken. My domain is verified. I saw another similar post saying he has the same issue because he created a teams workspace. I also created a teams workspace but now has been deactivated.

Another effect: if you had put the domain in a while ago, but never validated, the UI may continue to give you stale verification TXT.

If your domain simply isn’t available as a name to publish with, you might need to remove the domains completely from the builder profile and save. Then proceed again, which I have described before.