How Do I Get People To Be Shown From The Front?

Everyone in DALL-E images is always shown with the back turned towards the viewer. I can’t get them to be shown from the front.

It’s not hard to get Dall-E3 to draw someone looking this way, but it feels like they’re staring right at me, which makes me nervous.

Including a prompt like “looking directly at the camera” will generally result in the subject looking at the camera.

A large crowd of people of various ages, genders, and ethnicities are all looking directly at the camera with expressions of interest and anticipation. They are standing in an open space with a clear sky above them. Some are wearing casual clothes, others are in formal attire, and a few are holding personal items like bags or phones. The background should suggest a sense of unity and diversity among the people, and the overall atmosphere should feel vibrant and energetic.

Subjects who stare at the camera don’t make for authentic pictures.

Can I see the prompt and the generated image?

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Apparently GTA4 characters are what DALL-E 3 was trained on.

Over-describing individuals and photography may randomly get you one of these compositions, despite the “candidly and informally photographed going about…”

However, I didn’t know this was an issue in general, as you can mostly instruct where people are facing.


A man comes home from work in the 50s, entering his house. Depict subjects facing towards the viewer:

A man comes home from work in the 50s, entering his house. Depict subjects in front view:

You seem to have come across one of those odd embeddings spaces where particular imagery is activated and going against it with prompt gives peculiar results.

However, it can be done

  "prompt": "In a photograph from the 1950s taken from inside a house facing towards its open door front entrance, a businessman wearing a three-piece suit and carrying a briefcase is entering the home.",
  "size": "1792x1024"
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