Ways to prompt consistent image generation for DALL-E API

Hey, I was wondering if there are any tips or tricks for prompting the DALL-E image api to create consistent image prompts that are not too far out there for generating course images that are not too abstract and crazy for business use.

Currently DALL-E results are not good as others like MidJourney or BlueWillow may in future they may improve but for as a user we have to provide clear, specific, and detailed instructions. Use adjectives, nouns, and references (both other prompts and images) when needed, and iterate as necessary to refine your results.
Example prompt:
Generate a high-resolution, 1920x1080 pixel image of a contemporary office boardroom with large windows, a long mahogany conference table surrounded by ergonomic chairs, modern artwork on the walls, and a view of a city skyline through the windows. The room should be well-lit with a professional, minimalist design, and there should be a laptop, notepads, and a pitcher of water with glasses on the conference table. The overall ambiance should convey a sense of professionalism and corporate sophistication.