How to prompt Dall-E to create images that are straight on and not skewed

I’m getting good results from Dall-E, but most of the images it produces from my prompts have an angled perspective. I can’t seem to have it make a straight on, non skewed perspective.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Here’s an example. I want this image viewed straight on, not from an angle.




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Can you share the prompt you are using? Below are 2 quick example images with prompts.

A video game controller wall art depicted head-on. It is a symmetrical display with the left side mirroring the right, both sides featuring the handles, buttons, and thumb-sticks of a modern controller. The wall art includes a decorative middle section with a small, stylized face resembling a fox, adding a unique touch to the controller design. The entire piece has a sleek and modern look, with a combination of dark and light blue colors, highlighted against a plain, light-colored background, offering a clean and simple aesthetic.

A large, spacious room with a modern aesthetic, featuring a broad wall on which the head-on view of a video game controller wall art is painted. The controller is symmetrical with a unique fox-face design in the center, rendered in shades of dark and light blue. The room has polished wooden flooring, contemporary furniture in the background, and ambient lighting that highlights the wall art as a focal point of the room.

Hi, thanks for the tips! Specifying the art is the focal point and/or telling it the first angle perspective seems to be helping! Much appreciated!


WOW! I’m actually having the opposite problem! Whether it be street scenery, people, objects etc., I’m having LOTS of difficulty getting DALL-E to give me a non-straight-on view! How the heck did you do that? :joy:

I’m a complete novice so I can’t offer much help. I assume the results are based on the expectation of what the POV is for the image you’re describing. I’d try to add some description of the POV, mention angles or askew. I’d also recommend that whenever you get a result you like, ask Dall-E to tell you the exact prompt to get that image again. It doesn’t work 100% but seems to help. Good luck!

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