How do I contact support? Quite urgent need to

I’ve had a warning that my app is being used from an unsupported country, and that they may terminate my account, I need to contact them to explain that I cannot control who pirates my app and then uses it in an unsupported country. I do not sell my app into unsupported countries but I can’t stop people pirating it.

The openai help webpage says click help if I have an account, I click help and I’m taken to an AI chat bot who only gives pre-defined options as questions, none of which relate to my situation. Why is it so hard to just get an email address or an online form to contact support?

Any help is appreciated.


You may need to change your architecture and manage a proxy yourself.

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Can you share some information how you suspect your app is being pirated?

If you explain your system in a bit more detail we may be able to help a little bit more.


I can see a user log of those who are using my app, there are countries on there that have never purchased it i.e. vietnam, cambodia, I can see on my receipts in which countries the users are when they buy my app. I’ve used the chat again and this time got a bit further (I think because it’s USA office hours?), the AI agent said I’ll get an email from OpenAI explaining what if anything I need to do. Thanks.


Please keep us updated if you don’t mind. We are expecting more developers to be affected by this upcoming change.

Thank you!


Why are you letting this happen in the first place?

Change your architecture so your app has to connect to your proxy and within your proxy manage user accounts.

Simply block users that are not valid, registered paying clients.

You cannot just push your app out into the wild and let people abuse your client access.

Simply put, your app should be useless and have no access to a costed API unless you have a record of the user and can confirm they are valid and up-to-date with their payments.

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The issue is that your actual connections are being made to OpenAI from those unsupported countries.

You should have a backend that you control that only connects from a known location.

Cloudflare is an example of a cloud provider that has a distributed network that also locates in non-supported countries that users could be routed to.

You should never put your API keys in client applications. The only connection to OpenAI should be completely under your control, and be able to filter user inputs through the moderations endpoint also.

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