Unsupport API Traffic Issues (OpenAI has detected traffic from unsupported regions)

Basically, I am operating a Chatbot service that provides a RAG and Search service to our users. I do not know how OpenAI has detected traffic from unsupported regions as we have already blocked some countries. The users must have circumvented this by using some proxy service or etc. We run our servers on the edge using CloudFlare, can anyone from OpenAI help us? We do not want to get our API account suspended but we DO NOT want to put a GeoLocation API onto our website as we consider that a privacy intrusion to our users.

This came up yesterday, I believe.

Sounds like you have some users in unsupported countries, and when they log in and use your site, they’re being served from a “local to them” server which is on a restricted list.

You’ll need to change hosts or work up something on Cloudflare to ban IP ranges based on countries, likely.

My guess is that cloudflare uses the nearest server to route the requests and that server could be in an unsupported geography.

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I have an app running with Cloudflare Worker as well. When requests come from China etc., “edge” code will run in Cloudflare’s China datacenter.

Eventually I set up firewall rules on Cloudflare to whitelist only those supported regions:

This time OpenAI did a poor job in communication. A lot of guesswork to do from us.

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