History is gone since yesterday

Hello everybody,
since yesterday my history is gone. I tried reloading, logging off and in again. I also went in the history to start saved discussions. That way I can get back to old questions, but nothing has brought the history back. Anyone with similar problems?

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Is this specific to ChatGPT Web Interface, not the API?

If so then please change the categtory to ChatGPT. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also did you read

Read this before posting a new question

it notes

which notes

Mar 20, 2023

ChatGPT Web Interface Incident

Resolved - We’ve fully restored ChatGPT service to all users. We’re continuing to work to restore past conversation history to users.
Mar 20, 19:54 PDT


The other incidents related to conversation history show as updates, whereas this one shows as resolved. Plus the notice that all systems are operational doesn’t in any way communicate the ongoing history problems. This is particularly frustrating not at all clear what’s really going on.


If you open up the ChatGPT Web Interface are you seeing this message on the left where previous history would be listed?


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Same for me, the difference is intermittently I can access chat history on mweb (yesterday). I also checked the openai status page and there is no recorded downtime annotated.
Discord has a few technical hacks mentioned; something about navigating to dev mode in the browser - but I think I will just wait until the svc is restored. :crossed_fingers:patience.

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Yes, of course, but in at least one previous circumstance with that or a similar message, you had to log out and log back in in order for chat history to be available. So that particular message then led me to looking at the status page, and again, it’s really not clear. Obviously not all systems are operational, unless chat history isn’t considered part of system.


I am also struggling with no history. and I am a paying customer. Where is the official word / support?



Discord is also rampant with similar complaints. And there is a whole thread here: All previous ChatGPT history gone? - #392 by VinceF – ongoing.


I am also a paying member and not really satisfied with the answers given by the support here.

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What does this mean?


Still no history - despite lots of chatter about it working again. Support?

I have my oldest conversation back.

First, your question is off topic from the original topic of History is gone since yesterday so you really need to start a new topic.

Now for your off-topic question. It could be refreing to the combined token limit for a prompt and completion. I have not seen that error before so can only guess.

Search this forum and the OpenAI documentation for token and tiktoken to get more details about tokens.

From OpenAI documentation

Eric, can you help the many people who are paying customers but can’t access their history? It’s kicking off here, Twitter and discord. And no one is helping…


I am not an employee of OpenAI so have no more information than anyone else. I just read the documentation and pay attention to solve my problems.

I do not use Twitter or Discord. To much noise to signal ratio.

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My bad. Yeah that’s fair - thanks for letting me know

@logankilpatrick another thread FYI - please advise?

Apparently you have the same issue, you probably have a lost history and been using a saved link to continue but some of the paid subs are stuck in a limbo not fully connected to chat gpt

Why does this show up?

Please help me with this. I’ll be appriciated if anyone fixes my problem