New "View past chats" function has out, but can it recover even earliest conversation, like the first version of Chat, that's created days ago and closed by an accident?

I have a thread that i chatted for eight days and recently it has been forced to close due to an browser error. It was using the first version (11/30) of the ChatGPT, not the dec15 update. I’ve been using many tricks to keep that chat, and the recover feature even recovers my conversation on another device. So can this 8-day-thread be recovered?

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I don’t believe it has a “memory” longer than the 8000 (??) or so tokens. Unless they’re doing something else on the back-end.

I just logged into ChatGPT and saw the new past chats. It looks like it has all three of mine.

Is your long eight-day chat not showing in that list?

PS - welcome to the forum. Hope you stick around!

Mine did, all the way back to the first prompt.

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Yeah, sounds like it should be there, but he might have to poke around to find it.

Nope, it isn’t there :frowning:
I think this is caused by browser errors, or this thread has not refreshed for a long time. Because my pfp has turned to blue, not the account pfp.


sorry to hear.

How many chat threads did it save?

15 threads i think i didn’t counted now