Help Help SOS for my plugin test

Dear all
Please help test my AppCreator plugin. It couldn’t get approved because the OpenAI reviewer mentioned that they couldn’t find the plugin after installation. However, we’ve tested it repeatedly and found no issues; we can install and use the plugin normally. But the reviewer always encounters problems. Can someone with plugin development permissions help test it to see if there’s any issue? we have only one plugin dev account ,so can not test it by different account, Many thanks!
**My plugin, **

following is from OPENAI review:


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You can report to them that it’s not your plugins fault that ChatGPT is broken:

thank you for your kind reply, i am not so sure the issue on openai product, you know they will not give the bad result before assurance. could you please help me test it, thanks again.

Is that the full domain used by the plugin? I couldn’t get any of the resources like oauth, yaml, or even

Nobody here can see your submission, as we are not openai staff.

do you have the plugin developer right, check this :

if you can see this , you can help me test my plugin by
plugin domin:

you are really a kind brother

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yeah, it’s my plugin full domain, the plugin is based on oauth,

I do not have local plugin development. However, there’s a few others roaming around here that have plus, may have plugin developer, and might go through the work of simulating a plugin that uses your url…

You have all the new oauth requirements met? I linked the document above.

Are you denying logos without authentication, or does your server just have bad rights?
Are you trying to service resources with some redirect to your iidingyun host, which is likely destined to fail?

HTTP Status 404 - /logo.png

type Status report

message /logo.png

description The requested resource is not available.

Apache Tomcat/7.0.82

Singapore hosting, but with .cn domains on it and a tencent front company?

thank you for your full reply, i am going to check all you point out the errors, then get you back the message

Can you see the full website page, the logo is not on the address, it’s cdn on, we will move to our domain later . we have been fully implement oauth2, everything is ok by our test, but not passed by openai review as they told above, could you please help me test the plugin by plugin developement account, you know we have only one the development account . we are just a startup team.

I resubmitted the plugin with the help of the OpenAI team. This time it’s going well, but it’s still in progress for safety review. Thanks for your help. I will close the issue.

Everything is going really fast, my plugin is online now ,Thanks to the professional team at OpenAI and their quick response.