Assistance Needed with ChatGPT Plugin state Param Error - Community Support Request

Hello OpenAI Community,

I am reaching out to seek your collective expertise on an authentication issue we’ve been experiencing with our ChatGPT plugin. After updating our plugin in response to the recent ChatGPT API changes, our submission was declined post-review due to an error “Couldn’t login with plugin,” associated with the state parameter during authentication.

Here’s the error message we receive upon plugin review:

“detail”: “Error forwarding auth: {"message":"Invalid state param in response from OAuth provider. Please log in again."}”

When paused for more than approximately 30 seconds before completing the authentication process. This delay addresses some sort of latency issue with the ChatGPT plugin API in recognizing the expected state variable.

We’ve conducted numerous tests and have been in dialogue with Auth0 support, which indicates that the discrepancy may lie within the ChatGPT API.

We are currently at an impasse and would greatly appreciate any insights or guidance the community can provide. If anyone has encountered a similar issue or has knowledge of the ChatGPT API’s intricacies regarding OAuth and the state parameter, your advice would be invaluable.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to any assistance you can offer.

For my experience, I have developed AppCreator, ArticleCreator and DecisionConsultant. OAuth login is unstable currently, your error “Couldn’t login with plugin” is also exist on many plugins . My plugins sometimes also has this error, I had test many other plugin, it’s also sometimes got the same error “Couldn’t login with plugin,”

Thanks for the response. Are there any current solutions for stable authentication?

It should be very easy to debug this kind of problems if you just print out that variable from end to end.

If you think the discrepancy lies with the ChatGPT API, you have to prove it. The error message is crystal clear : you are sending back the wrong/expired state info. The state is either wrong or empty.

FYI, everything works fine for us. Try another OAuth provider, say, Google, just for a test. Then, you can find the difference between Auth0 and Google.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll test out Google OAuth. I’ve printed the variable and the state is being returned. The odd thing is, when I delay the auth process it works but when I don’t I get the error. But thanks again, I’ll test it out.

check here :OpenAI Platform
I found The last oauth step not executed by chatgpt in my plugins usaully, which would make the error"Couldn’t login with plugin", you can try to prove it, The last step is: After your plugin redirects back to the given redirect_uri , ChatGPT will complete the OAuth flow by making a POST request to the authorization_url with content type authorization_content_type and parameters { “grant_type”: “authorization_code”, “client_id”: [client_id], “client_secret”: [client_secret], “code”: [the code that was returned with the redirect], “redirect_uri”: [the same redirect uri as before] }