Auth0 Authorization error

We use Auth0 to authenticate users to our plugin API. We have set up a SPA (Single Page Application) with refresh token enabled. But after about a week, I get “Authorization error accessing plugins”. Accordiing to OpenAI documentation, ChatGPT is supposed to use the refresh token to periodically fetch a new access token [1]. But this seems to be not happening. Reinstalling the plugin seems to help but that’t not a good user experience.

[1] OpenAI Platform

Thanks for help!

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Have you searched the forum to see if others are facing the problem?

Might be best to reach out to and inquire.

Good luck!

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I have searched forums, there are a few who also complain about this… but there is no solution posted anywhere. I thought this was the right forum to ask for help.

Main idea is to setup the authorization code flow to include token refresh, see e.g. this post Plugin Oauth error: "Error getting system message: {"message": "User is missing credentials"}" - #27 by AustinColeman, where the author solves exactly this problem by proxying two endpoints (and setting up authorization code flow with token refresh), and also provides complete source code with an implementation! :slight_smile:

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