I'm looking forward to becoming a plugin developer

I’m a plus user and a software developer. I want to share the development process of the gpt plug-in in my company. I have joined the waitlist, but I still haven’t obtained the plug-in developer qualification. Could you please help?


By the way. Plugins should be available to you by subscription.

OpenAI now says there is no longer a wait list for ChatGPT subscribers

they are referring to developer access, which grants access to a new field for “Develop your own plugin”

I’m not sure the process for getting added to developer access, I know it’s been rolled out to a limited amount of people so far so I’d try and stay up to date or reach out to openai via the help chat in platform.openai.com to see

Plugin development is still behind the waitlist. Nothing you can do but wait.

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Yes, I want to get permission to “Develop your own plugin”.Thanks for everyone’s reply

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thx,i try to submit the application again~

I actually received a “ChatGPT Plus - Termination notice” email notification, why, what did I do wrong! :rage:

Yes, you are right… I have been planning how to develop a GPT plugins, never thought of being closed account :joy:

I’ve submitted an appeal and am looking forward to their response. Also thanks for your answer!