HELP ASAP ERROR: “Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at 409.” "Something went wrong" -- (I think I've tried everything please help)

I keep getting this error “Something went wrong. If this issue persists, please contact us through our help center at”

Can someone help me fix this? (Chat-GPT Plus user since it came out, been using their API since Nov 2022)

Before you do help me; these are the things I have done already:

  1. Cleared my browser’s. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.
    (All my cookies, pop-ups, all allowed) (Even added “OpenAI. com” to the cookie exceptions list, I took it on and off and tried it. Problem still persistis)

  2. Turned off my VPN.
    (I have absolutely no security turned everything off completely)

  3. Tried using incognito window and tried a different browser, and computer to check if the issue remained. Sometimes browser extensions, especially those for security, can cause these problems. (Nonetheless, the problem persists.)

  4. Disable any cookie blockers.

  5. Connect to a different network if possible.

  6. I have tried clearing OpenAI caches and cookies multiple times in different variations.

  7. I have tried Microsoft Edge.

  8. I have checked OpenAI status every day, its all in the green, problem persists.

  9. I tried changing the decryption profile to allow TLS1.3, it worked for an hour, then reverted back to the same problem. Tried enabling it, disabling it, defaulting it multiple times with variations of clearing cookies & cache etc. Problem persists.

  10. I installed the User-Agent Switcher extension for Chrome. I tried every single different browser it offered. None did the trick. Problem persists.

  11. Went through all the articles related to my situation in the OpenAI “Help center”.

  12. Went through all the forums on reddit, asked discord users for help (vc & text channels), went through all the forums here, and went through anything else I could find on google.

Side Note: I have tried my phone and obviously it works, however for my project – using my phone is not an option, so I need to fix this.

I heard I can’t contact OpenAI’s support@OpenAI email because apparently they don’t have many employees (according to what I read here and other places), and they take a long time to respond. – So I tried fixing it myself first.

Can anyone please help me ASAP?

Thanks in advance!

Please try from a mobile device using mobile data and see how that works.

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I tried it.

It worked for 1 day. But now it doesn’t work anymore, I’m getting the same error.

ChatGPT works on my mobile Apple phone app (not browser). But anything on the desktop and laptop (windows) (any-browser), don’t work.

Also I just re-went through steps 1-12 I listed both on cellular data and on wired ether (tried both wifi & ethernet).

The billing is okay and I am paying for the service so that’s probably not the problem.

Is there something on my end wrong or is it something on ChatGPT OpenAI’s end?

If its working on the mobile app then there is something on your PC/Network breaking the browser experience, proxies, anti virus software, network firewalls etc.