Hello everyone, I bought 5$ credit for the API, but now I get card declined

I’m truly desperate, two months ago, I wanted to test the API, so I tried my main card but it was declined (which I use for the chatgpt plus and it works) so I issued a new card which I could add to the API payment method and successfully bought an amount of 5$, I bought it but forgot about it. It was only recently when I found the interesting projects on Github requiring the API, that I wanted to test them more, so I spent 4$, and now I have only 1$, now I wanted to recharge but I keep getting card declined (even though I have already added the card to the payment and have billing history). I tried contacting the support, but with no help. I also checked and there are funds in the card, I could use it elsewhere like amazon and it works. So if anyone have a solutions for me will be very thankful. Thanks everyone.
attached screenshot for card declined, when I try set as default (same message when I try to buy credit)

this is the invoice