Haven't received September invoice, worried

Posting this here, because I don’t know where to.
OpenAI API billing invoice not received in
Worried about dues piling up.
Can’t find a way to pay.
Previously, everything was okay.
Long time user.
Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome back.

Unfortunately, we cannot help with account problems here on the developer forum.

You’ll need to reach out to help.openai.com and be as specific as possible.

Good luck.

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Sorry to hear that!
Imagine the situation inside a company that struggles to get the invoices out of the door…
Maybe that helps a little.

It was the 13th last month. With credit reload purchases sometimes hitting the rate limits of the payment processor, one can imagine OpenAI has to process monthly bills in the low usage times.

I understand your frustration with not getting billed for services you’ve consumed. Perhaps to make up for it you also can not bill your customers. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Thank you. Contacting them. Just use AI to develop content, that’s all. And try to pay everything on time so there are no unduly big bills all of a sudden. Thanks again.

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FWIW, I just got billed for my September invoice.

Looks like they are running these on about the 10th of the month right now.

Or the second Taco Tuesday of the month, whichever comes first :rofl: