I can't Pay my API billing

I’ve been strugglignto pay my bill from October. Been trying several mastercards and visa. Been contacting the card providers all the answer all the same : The problem was from the Open API. On September I’ve paid my bill just fine, but on the secon payment using teh same card, it keep declining my payment.

Help! I just want to pay, support chat didn’t help at all, just reading my chat for 2 days with no respond!

Go into billing overview, and account preferences. Put all the personal details and address to be identical to the card billing address and postal code of the bank account. See if that helps.

Thankyou for the reply, still it doesn’t work. in my case…

I just noticed on my account that OpenAI had added a new organization “personal”.

The personal organization also comes with “add payment method” and no “you are on monthly billing” message. Is this a pretext to kicking us off of our monthly billing accounts?

You can make sure that the correct org is picked also when trying to pay that organization’s bill.

Yes, I need to pay that billing from last month, I can’t put any card to pay. Can I get renewed invoice? Will it work?

When I checked the billing there is this notes :

“This invoice can no longer be paid on Stripe. Please contact OpenAI, LLC (ar@openai.com) who will arrange an alternative method to pay this invoice, or issue you a new invoice.”