GPT's not working or saving

I’ve been relying on GPT models to prepare for my upcoming conference, but today they all seem to be malfunctioning. This is a real hassle, as the event is just a week away. Is anyone else having issues accessing or using them? I was making great progress before they went down. Hopefully this outage is temporary, as I don’t want tech problems to derail my conference prep. Please let me know if you have any insight into what’s going on or when functionality might be restored. I’d appreciate any help getting my GPT workflow back on track in time for this important event!

There’s a real storm a ragin’ matey, them be real violent seas out here.

Welcome aboard!

It depends on which GPTs you’re referring to. Almost everything’s getting screwed right now.

If you are working with anything that could potentially recall potentially copyrighted information, you may be affected.

Here’s a topic from the GPTs side: My GPT with Over 5000 Chats Removed from GPT Store Without Explanation: 1.5 Months of Development and Promotion Wasted

Here’s a topic from the API side: Sagan's Blue Dot bug: at least two models refuse to continue the famous quote

The devouts seem to be suggesting this is working as intended and that we should just eat it.