GPTs Builder Profile: can't switch to verified domain

I’m trying to switch to a website in my GPTs builder profile, but the button to enable the domain doesn’t switch states. I’ve already verified my domain multiple times.

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I’m having the exact same issue. I’m hoping someone knows how to solve this.

I am having the same issue. Let me know if you figure anything out.

I have the same problem . Has any of you
solved it?

I am having the exact issue. Following to see if it get fixed.

Same problem here. Has anyone figured this out?

sure it’s an actual bug. Also have tried many time to activate it

Hi there, I found a solution.

You actually have to add and activate both “” as well as “”, that is, add both @ and www records. After that, you can toggle it on.

I tried as you said. But not worked. I cannot use a domain starts with www.

Did you add 2 separate txt record to your domain console? both @ and www

Yes. I added txt record to both domains.

Fail to reply the above content because it said my content is not complete. So I added this line to try again.

Me too. And my website is hosted on Netlify, which makes it more tricky

that’s weird then. Once I got both forms of my domain (with and without the www. prefix) verified, I could toggle on the website signature.

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I think i might have found the solution…

I also had the problem, at first i thought it could’ve been related to GPTs assigned names as my first GPT is called Prompt Engine and there was another called with the same exact name… but it wasn’t the case.

The problem seems related to the prefix of the domain you enter and try to verify. I believe at the moment it doesn’t support the (www.) world wide web prefix. In fact if you take a closer look at the “example” OpenAi provides in the field box (when you try to add a website) it only contains “”. I didn’t notice at first, only after several times removing and re-adding the domain.

The first time i added my domain as “” instead of “” , and added the TXT record as @ in the DNS with the OpenAi key, everything worked perfectly and i was able to verify the domain and toggle visibility.

In short, just use your-domain. your-extension without the www. prefix and it should work. I advise you to remove the previously www. verified domain in any case. I hope this also works for you.

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Thank you! This solved the problem for me.

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Strangely, I’m having the opposite problem. I was able to verify my domain by using the naked domain (, which is what I prefer and direct people to typically.

However, when someone selects my name from my builder profile (either me through settings or someone else on my custom GPT), it redirects to which doesn’t exist. When you type a naked domain into a web browser it redirects to as it’s supposed to, but OpenAI’s redirect eschews the cname (www.) and therefore the browser doesn’t know what to do.

Finally, to get around this, I just verified in my Builder Profile, but now I can’t select it! If I click that second one, nothing happens!

Thank you so much. It work for me. I am teacher and you save me. :pray:t5: