GPT4 is broken? cannot seem to be able to connect

I haven’t been able to get anything from GPT4 for the last 24 hours. Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

“We’re currently processing too many requests. Please try again later.”



I have the same problem today. Saw some comments on Reddit about the possibility of a shadow ban, but I didn’t receive any notifications on my email from OpenAI team.

At the same time GPT3.5 works, but for my purposes it’s lame.

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Same. After using GPT4, ChatGPT 3.5 sounds very… hm robotic.

Do you have a link for the reddit message you were mentionning?

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Same here. 3.5 works, but 4 does not. Have been trying for the past 3-4 days now. Wasn’t the paid version supposed to have priority access?

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did you use GPT4 it a lot before you got that issue?

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And what’s funny in this thread people complain they have problems, and just a guy says: no problem for me at all:

As for myself, I used GPT4 for the whole week after I paid for it, and today is exactly the 8th day.
I feel like I was scammed and there are hidden limitations on usage, not just “25 requests per 3 hours”.

And this link says “Everything’s fine”:

Thanks! I have subscribed 9 days ago and have been using it pretty extensively so far.

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Reasonable amount, but mot much during the past few days. There is a limit anyways (“GPT-4 currently has a cap of 25 messages every 3 hours. Expect significantly lower caps, as we adjust for demand.”). I am wondering if paying for ChatGPT 4 is worth it - given the limits and now uncertain availability?

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I’ve been using it since the day it was first available to plus users, had changed my credit card info and before I could update the card on file, it downgraded me to the free version. I’ve now been charged twice for the upgrade and my account is still not able to access Plus. I’ve emailed OpenAI for a refund for one of the two charges but haven’t heard back. Is there a customer service or technical support contact method that isn’t a bot? GPT-3.5 just doesn’t do what I need it to do compared to 4.

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Amazing product, 0 customer service. I guess there is still a bit of Elon Musk left in this company.

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Exactly, 3.5 is fun to play with, but can’t get any work done. Only 4th can do it.
And I can accept some limitations, but only when they are predictable. Right now I don’t even know whether I’ll be able to use it again before next payment.

I’ve been having the same problem I don’t know why this is a shadow ban…maybe it is but there’s no reason to ban me based on what work I’m using GPT4 for so I’m really confused and honestly quite frustrated as I have deadlines and projects that I have to do and this is ridiculous…not good.

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Same issues with me all day unable to use V4, 3.5 is fine but not useful for me like I’m trying to use V4 for.

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I’m having the same issue. Didn’t find a way on the website to contact the support team so I came here. Hopefully they can get it resolved soon

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Is there anyone to contact or a customer service email even? There has to be a way to fix this. Literally am stuck unable to do anything at all right now as I’ve scheduled all my work for the next couple days to be done using GPT-4… this doesn’t make any sense right now why it’s not upgrading my account.


we’ll probably have to wait until Monday to get any answer or fix…

This is really unfortunate that there’s no options whatsoever. :pensive:

I can’t even try to access GPT4, the “upgrade to plus” option is stuck there instead. I can pay $20 as many times as I want but nothing will let me use it anymore. I’m trapped in the free version while paying…

I paid for gpt4 yesterday, only got a handful of responses then it stopped working its been about 16 hours.